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"Iain was the law enforcement advisor for Chorus Intelligence between December 2019 and February 2021. Iain brought a wealth of knowledge from a senior role in policing and his extensive knowledge of criminal investigations, intelligence-gathering and strategic police governance. He challenged our thinking and supported the development of a new suite of innovative Chorus products."

Boyd Mulvey CEO Chorus Intelligence

"We have had a professional relationship with Iain over a long period of time, from the period when Iain was a customer and still a serving police manager in the West Midlands Police, until our paths crossed again in his role as an independent technology advisor. Iain helped us to broker a valuable partnership with another technology provider. This has enhanced the value proposition of our products across law enforcement. Iain helped us to identify other opportunities and technical use cases that we had not previously considered, and I valued his deep knowledge of criminal investigation and intelligence gathering."

Colin Frith - Head of Business Development Simunix 

"We have known Iain since his time with West Midlands Police, and have found him to be self-motivated, always willing to act for the greater good (especially when it comes to Policing), extremely visionary and knowledgeable on all matters related to digital policing and investigation, well-connected at the right levels within the police and police governance, and above all easy to work with. This has continued through his time transitioning his skills and knowledge into the private sector, and we continue to benefit from his advice and insight on all matters related to police systems and their evolution whenever it is required."

Tom McGhee - Managing Director - Riverside TMA

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