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Supporting innovation

We understand the needs of technology providers in the innovation space and we understand their commercial challenges. We will act as the bridge between their development teams, the marketing team and the business development people to ensure that what they build is fit for purpose and genuinely useful to customers. We will also work with public sector clients to help them understand 'the art of the possible' and achieve the best value for the investment of public money

Computer Programming
Web Consultation


We will help you understand the public safety landscape and advise how to approach new customers as well as improve your relationship with existing customers. We can look after entire projects to free up your staff to do what they do best. We will also work with public sector clients to help them understand their options around digital transformation and the business benefits and risks associated with business change.

Digital transformation

Technology is continually evolving and public sector organisations need to find ways of embracing and embedding new technology in a way that maximises business benefits, reduces business risk and demonstrates value for money. All too often in the public sector, technology projects run into problems. Suppliers often over-promise and under-deliver, and significant financial investments fail to deliver the anticipated benefits. We have seen it from both sides, and we will work closely with you to anticipate problems, reduce risk and support your staff who are often juggling multiple projects.

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Training and coaching

Do your people understand how to work with public sector clients? Do they understand how to get things done and who they need to involve to get the best outcomes for both sides? If you're a public sector leader, how confident are you that your people know how to engage with technology providers? Too often, this engagement is left to IT teams or procurement teams who don't fully understand what practitioners need. Many times, these projects are given to people who are juggling many other demands or a 'day job'. We can help you to get it right and avoid expensive failures.

Organisational development

Are you going through or planning to go through a significant period of change or disruption? Are your internal systems and processes helping to drive productivity, or are they getting in the way? Do you have the right people in the right jobs with the right skills? We have many years of experience working with teams of all sizes and we can help you get these things right.

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